Create your own Mattes Quilted Girth 75-90cm

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Please allow 6- 8 Weeks for your pad to get made and posted to you.
Create your own Mattes Quilted Girth 75-90cm

The option are endless, so many colors so many choices. 

German Mattes  Girths with Lambswool are superb quality and the lambswool is the plushest and softest type of highest quality.

Please note this product is a custom made product and takes approx 6-8 weeks to get made and shipped to you. They are worth the wait:)

You can now create your own, perfect E.A. Mattes Girth and see what it looks like via this link:


If you have trouble feel free to email us and we can help.


Please also note that bright colors like red Lambswool on a white quilt may lead to color bleeding when washing and combined with horse sweat. Bright colors could potentially also discolor your horses coat, especially in white horses. This may or may not occur depending on your horses sweat. Each horse has a different sweat composition.


MATTES® lambskin articles must be washed more rather than less. Proper washing and care (cf. MATTES® special detergent MELP) is very important and will help you to enjoy the product more because it will have a longer life. The Washing and care manuals only apply to MATTES® lambskin articles. Wash at max. 30° C in the washing machine. Add extra water (approx. 3 – 4 liters this is usually possible via the detergent compartment. Do not overload the washing machine and spin normally. We recommend machine washing because it is more effective than hand washing. Please never wash without skin detergent. Never leave products in the machine after washing. Take them to drying immediately. Before washing/preparation: Velcro the Velcro fasteners together. Remove the POLY-FLEX® inserts and SADDLE-FIX®. Always wash saddle pads (inside out) and fleece blankets always inside out. Please take specifics (cf. page 3) of saddle girths, boots and ear bonnets into account.

For best results, please always use our MATTES® special detergent MELP: MATTES® lambskin articles must be washed with skin detergent, not with wool wash. Commercial detergents do not replenish lipids and can contain components which can damage the lambskin. The leather could harden and break, the wool can become brittle and get matted. MATTES® special detergent MELP was especially developed for lambskin products and is highly concentrated. It contains that same ingredients and components which we use in the production of our lambskins. The special leather and skin detergent is lipid replenishing, allowing the leather to remain supple and the wool to remain elastic and resistant. 


Tumble dry at 30° C or on cold cycle. As a result, the wool gets open and fluffy and the leather stays soft. Never let dry in the sun or in another heat source. Can be air-dried in the shade. Keep pulling the product back into shape when drying.

Specifics for: SADDLE GIRTHS Remove plastic inserts from girths with sewn on lambskin. Always reinsert them after drying. For detachable lambskin, the inserts remain in the base girth when washing
Wash the basic saddle girth in a laundry bag. We recommend that you use the particularly heavy duty MATTES® laundry bag. In the same manner, wash the lambskin cover velcroed together outside of the laundry bag. Only add approximately 2 liters for saddle girths.


Why the need for washing?

Because the lambskin can absorb a lot of moisture and only dries slowly, sweat can accumulate in the leather when washed too rarely and your high-quality product will be damaged, or even destroyed. The chemical composition of the sweat can differ from horse to horse. The ammonia in the sweat can corrode the leather and has a stronger effect of the wool when the leather is permanently wet. This is a relatively slow process and only becomes evident when wool starts to fall out and/or cracks appear in the leather, particularly in the seams, can completely disintegrate the leather. This is particularly the case when washed only after long use.
The wool should never stick together because most properties, particularly pressure distribution can get lost. As long as the lambskin is moist, it should not be brushed. Gently remove minor soiling from the wool tips in a dry state with a horse brush (soft brush). Please wash rather than brush because it may result in wool being torn out.
When is washing needed? After each ride, lambskin has to have enough time to dry or to be washed. This is particularly the case if the leather has gotten wet. A major benefit of the lambskin and of particular importance for its function is that the natural wool can absorb 8 times its own weight in moisture. If your product has been soaked in sweat, we recommend (mainly for girth covers) to wash them after use and while wet.
We recommend to frequent riders to use several lambskin saddle pads and girth covers for change and to wash them weekly.
If you only ride little or you need to take a break, the lambskin product should be washed and stored absolutely dry in a dry location.
Please do not store in plastic bags!
We hope you really enjoy using your MATTES® lambskin product

Please note, the above recommendations are from Mattes Germany. Germans only have front loader washing machines and their water is very clean with hardly any chlorine and is very temperature controlled. You may find that your washing machine combined with a hot solar water system may not control the temperatures accurately which may lead to shrinking.

 Machine washing in a top loader is not advisable, the agitator does have a tendency to catch on the sheepskin and tear the fibres when wet.