Hackamore Sport - by PS of Sweden

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Hackamore Sport - by PS of Sweden

No bit, no pressure.

NOSEBAND This hackamore has been designed to give your horse the best possibilities for top performance; function and style all in one piece. The hackamore noseplate can easily be replaced with either shiny croco leather, matte croco leather, sheepskin or our Swarovski crystal pieces. It comes standard with the black plate in the first picture.

HEADPIECE The headpiece is anatomical, the top plate evens out the pressure and it allows for freedom around the ears.

CHEEK PIECES The side straps are cut back to lie as far away from the eyes as possible, and the bridle has an adjustable throat latch to ensure that the strap does not come too close to the eyes. This way, the bridle offers a perfect fit while looking classical and sleek.

BROWBAND The browband has our unique patent pending "Click-it”™ design, which allows you to swap it in a few seconds, even when the horse is already wearing the bridle. Exclusive English, vegetable tanned leather


Treat your horse to a PS-bridle to ensure maximum performance by optimal comfort and function. Say goodbye to pressure and hello to technical details in every piece of leather.


All bridles are anatomical designed in English or Italian ECO-friendly leather.

-1 = mini shetty  0 = shetty  1 = pony  2 = cob  3 = full/wb  4 = xfull