Lunging Aid-Soft by Harry's Horse - RRP $54.95 .

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Lunging Aid-Soft by Harry's Horse - RRP $54.95                                      .
  • Helps to relax the horse's back while lunging.
  • Made of very soft cotton and strong polypropylene.
  • The ring holds the ropes between the legs together.
  • Adjustable in length.
  • SIZES M, L, XL see size chart in pictures




Innovative German design which helps educate the horse to work long and low, encouraging the horse to lift the back and shoulders

Encourages stretching into a forward-downward posture on the lunge

For horses who resent working in a pessoa or who require a different form of encouragement to work long and low.

Does not act directly on the hock action like other lunge training aids that can produce too much of an 'on the forehand' action. Working only the front of the horse encourages more freedom for the horse to learn how to engage its back muscles to work long and low.

No surcingle needed

Easy trigger hook fixing for hooking into the bit rings

Length is individually adjustable on both sides for a precise fit

Simply place the rope centrally over the withers, lead both ends back through the front legs and hook them into the bit rings or headcollar D rings if you choose not to work the horse from the mouth. One end is then pulled through the ring of the other end.