Are you interested in becoming a reseller for HKM or Harry's Horse products?

Contact us via info@thetackshed.com

and create an account via the link on the top hand right corner of the website.


Eligibility Requirement

Your core business needs to be in the supply of equestrian products.


Minimum Order

To be eligible to purchase our products at wholesale prices each order needs to be $500 or more (excluding freight). There is no minimum quantity applied per product. This means you have the freedom to purchase the quantity of each product that best suits your needs. To keep wholesale status the minimum order amount is $3000 per calendar year.


Payment Methods

Payment can be made via Bank Transfer, PayPal or Credit card. Most orders are pro-forma, which means you need to pay for your order before the products are dispatched. Once you become a regular customer you may be offered a trade account. Freight will be calculated and invoiced after order placement.



Products are delivered either by Australia Post or Courier. We will determine the most cost effective method for your order. For pro-forma orders products are usually dispatched within 24 hours of the payment clearing. For trade account holders, products are usually dispatched within 24 hours of the order being received.



Once your wholesale application has been approved your store’s contact details will be added to the Tacksheds’s website. Details include but not limited to street address, telephone number, link to your website and e-mail address. We  will conduct a variety of different advertising campaigns to promote the brand.


Excluded or Restricted Sales Methods

Our products are not to be sold on any online site other than your own URL. This includes eBay and Facebook. Products can be advertised and promoted via Facebook but customers must purchase through your store website. Products can be sold via professional expos and markets. However you will need to seek approval before the event to ensure you will be the only stockist at the event.