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For the rose gold lovers! The 'Aria' anatomic black Italian leather bridle has statement wow-factor. The rose gold details across the browband and fittings are spectacular and take our anatomic line of bridles to the next level.


The Aria features a gel padded headpiece that is tapered away behind the ears to allow freedom of movement. Customers report their horses working far more comfortably in a anatomic style leather bridles, which avoid critical pressure points. 

The bridle is a eco-friendly butter soft black leather that will last for years to come.


  • Premium black eco-friendly Italian leather
  • Rose gold deep curve crystal browband
  • Gel padded anatomic head piece
  • Stainless steel rose gold fittings
  • Two sets of bit straps
  • Nappa Leather reins with rose gold fittings 



Not sure about size?

How do you measure a standard bridle?

Browband: measured from the end of each loop, straight across. Even if the style is curved.

Noseband: measured as a circumference when done up in the middle hole

Headpiece: measured with the cheek pieces attached on the middle hole. Measure from bit, to bit, over the top of the horse's head.

Reins: measured as a single side length from bit to buckle  (don't measure the buckle).

Standard bridle sizing chart:


How do you measure an anatomic / micklem style bridle?

To get the perfect fit for your anatomic / micklem style bridle, refer to the below sizing chart, using the diagram. It is recommended that you mark out the measurements with chalk on your horse’s face, so that once you’ve finished your measurements you can see the pattern of the fit, and be sure you have measured correctly.



Our micklem style bridles are fairly standard in sizing.

Measurement 1: measure from 1cm under the horse's cheekbone, all the way over the horse’s poll to the same point on the other side. 

Measurement 2: measure the browband vertically from end of loop, to end of loop (don’t dip the measuring tape for curved browbands).

Measurement 3: run your finger down the bottom point of the protruding cheek bone until you get to the top of the bit. Then measure across your horse’s nose horizontally to the same point on the other side.

Measurement 4: from the outer corner of your horse’s eye, run your finger vertically down your horse’s face and stop when you reach around the middle of the bit ring (you will be an inch or so away from the bit ring). Measure from this point under your horse’s chin to the same point on the other side of its face.

Anatomic / micklem style bridle sizing chart:

Measurements are taken from the middle hole, with 2-3 holes available either side. Therefore you are looking for the sizing that is closest to your measurements – not exactly the same as your measurements.