Welcome to The Tackshed Brisbane

We are Located just outside of Brisbane and are very proud to be the 'Importer and Wholesale Distributer' Harry's Horse® in Australia.

Our aim is to supply Horses & Riders and their local Equine Store with affordable European fashion that is fun, different and durable. 

You can now enjoy both functionality and fashion.

old-style-riding-breeches-3.jpgold-style-riding-breeches.jpg  oohh those were the days... 

Harry's Horse® has just had it's 40th Anniversary and HKM began in 1967 and now supply's 2,000 specialist stores worldwide! This gives our Australian Customer's a great deal of certainty when it comes to the products they purchase. You dont stay in business in the Equine Industry this long without producing products with the modern style, comfort and quality the global equine community wants.

Not everyone has a horse so wearing clothing that defines you as a rider sets you apart from the crowd. Unless of course all your friends have horses too, so it's great that there is now such a variety of colours and styles for you, your horse and your friends to choose from.

Horses come in only so many colours which is why they need some extra help to make sure they look their best in the stable, at an event or competition and in even in the paddock.

Choices for style and colour have dramatically improved, so have fun exploring the website for the latest trends from Europe.

There are now seasonal Summer and Winter collections for you to continually update your wardrobe. Matching styles and colours is now even easier, should you want to be as pink as a flamingo, truly feel that orange is the new black or you just want to brighten your instructors day by having some colour in the training arena.